We’ve got INCREDIBLE news!!   Dandylyon Drama is turning 8 years old this week and….. drum roll please….. we now have official national TAX EXEMPT STATUS!  Whoo hooo!  To see how I celebrated click below to watch the video:
I’m so excited because this means, with your partnership, we can reach more schools and more children than ever AND increase the quality of our current programs.  Which is pretty amazing because last year alone we brought the performing arts to 5,000 people!
Last week I walked into Starbucks and a woman grabbed me and said “YOU CHANGED BY DAUGHTER’S LIFE!” Wow!  She wrote me a follow up email and said “When Allison did her first play in the 4th grade she was very shy and I actually called her my cling-on!  After working with you and your great team she changed.”  “Now she is a senior in high school- she often speaks in front of the entire school!” “You got her at just the right time to help form a confident caring person.  I can no longer call her my cling-on, but we are still the best of friends.  Thank you for being you!” -Kelly
So… help us strengthen our communities and help us give opportunities for our youth to grow to be more empathetic, courageous, and creative people!  Make your tax deductible donation big or small by THIS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st and we’ll send you a FREE THANK YOU GIFT and a tax receipt!  What’s not to like!!   Our Board Members will be introduce themselves and telling the world why they’re #crazyfordandylyon so of course I had to go first to set the bar high!  Check it out by clicking the link below:
Consider doing something crazy yourself to show us that you’re celebrating our 8th birthday and our big news!  Or consider making a donation by Friday for a PRIZE!
-Melani Lyons
Founding Artistic Director
Dandylyon Drama

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