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Dandylyon Drama is a local non-profit that exists to bring reliable performing arts right where you are.

What We Do

with your school

Dandylyon Drama believes the Performing Arts should be accessible to all and is an integral part of every child’s education.

How We Do It

For our Community

Dandylyon Drama is committed to create community, inspire inclusiveness, and encourage young and old alike through the magic of theatre.

Why We Do It
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Dandylyon Drama: Where Strong Students Take Root

Find Clubs At Your School

Each semester we are adding new schools and new clubs. Let us know if your school is left out.

What's Sprouting

The Latest News and Notes


We’ve got INCREDIBLE news!!   Dandylyon Drama is turning 8 years old this week and….. drum roll please….. we now have...

Super Mom

Super Mom

How I finally became a Super Mom I’ve seen kids play.  Lots of kids.  My campers, neighbor kids, kids at the play...

Wicked Good Conflict

Wicked Good Conflict

We can’t escape conflict, at least not for very long.  And if we face conflict it can, in fact, make...

Performing Arts Back in Schools!

Performing Arts Back in Schools!

Dear Friends,  Why will Dandylyon Drama continue to advocate to put performing arts education back in schools? Why is performing arts education...

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